Maybe I’m expecting too much.

My 4 year old found the sunchoke disguised as a potato. Or, at least I thought the tuber could snuggle into the pile of russets undetected. The two looked the same, were cooked the same and seasoned the same. But she didn’t touch them, and neither did the rest of my family. Besides me.

I really thought I could make sunchokes happen. Just like how I thought I could make turnips happen, parsnips happen and radishes happen—they come in kid-approved purple and pink after all—but it didn’t work. Not this winter.

Like all moms, I blamed myself for their lack of eating skills. But then I thought about it: They love sweet potatoes and broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Maybe I need to be thankful for the vegetables they gladly consume.

When my daughter wasn’t feeling well a few weeks ago, I asked her what she wanted to eat. “Something healthy,” she said. “Can I have sweet potatoes?”

Maybe I’m not doing such a bad job after all.

Though as soon the branches lose their leaves and its cool once again, I promise to turn up the turnips.

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