Unique corporate and team building events

Building Your Team, One Ingredient at a Time!

After 20 years in the corporate world, we’ve sat through our fair share of boring or downright silly team events. Our unique, interactive team building sessions are like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Whether you’re looking to build an effective, focused work team, boost morale, or just let loose for some fun in the kitchen, Cookology has the program for you!

Cookology’s corporate culinary program is different from any other team building program.

Cooking together in small groups adds a unique dimension to a team, one that fosters better communication and cooperation amongst a group of peers. During the class spontaneous discussion begins around similar tastes in food, wine, cooking skills, travel, family, and more, creating friends not just colleagues.

We offer Team Bonding Cooking Classes where everyone makes the same dish taught by a professional chef. Also, we offer a Mystery Basket Cooking Class, where all the ingredients are laid out in front of you.

We base pricing on the protein you choose. Each team can have it’s own kind of protein.

  • Mystery Basket Protein Options:
    VEGETARIAN (Plants or Beyond Beef)
    FISH (Red Snapper)
    SEAFOOD (Scallops/Shrimp/Lobster)
    BEEF (Ribeye or Filet Mignon)
  • We offer bar and appetizer packages for your guests before the event.
  • Our minimum is 10 and maximum is 90 for hands-on cooking.
  • If you would like to book a conference or a standing cocktail party, we can accommodate up to 300.

Get started planning your event:

Reach out to Ballston Quarter in Arlington, VA!  

Would you like to book a Virtual Cooking Class?

Cookology has one of the best team building concepts around.

It’s not just a cooking class, it’s 90 competitive minutes in our kitchen, or on-site in your boardroom, whipping up the best meal of your life! The stakes are high: the recipe has to be interesting and creative, the final dish not only has to taste good but it has to be plated in a way that is pleasing to the eye, flavors must not contradict, food must not touch…ok that’s a joke.

Teams only have 60-90 minutes to decide, act, team up, communicate, plate and present. This is not unlike your office where once a project decision is made you must set in motion a plan of action, then create the team to conquer each task, while building, balancing and effectively communicating. As the deadline looms, your team must put its best work forward and present confidently.

Now do this with food, in a kitchen you’ve never cooked in before,where the utensils, produce, spices and accoutrements are scattered about–with other colleagues competing against you. It’s controlled chaos. It’s tough. It’s pandemonium. There are knives involved.

A dash of friendly competition

Our seasoned front-of-house employees are your judges and they never call a draw. Someone always wins.

We’ve made a list for you of a smattering of companies that joined us, along with their Fortune 300 ranking, we like to brag. Now, ask yourself why these successful, world-wide companies keep coming back to this little cooking school in Arlington, Virginia?

Choose one of our event options or design your own!

Mystery Basket Team Building

Our Mystery Basket is an Iron Chef-style team challenge, and our most popular team building class. You choose a main ingredient and our chefs’ choose the mystery ingredient. You’ll work closely with our chefs to create a delicious meal. No cooking experience needed. But bring your competitive edge…we will choose a winner!

Team Bonding Cooking

In a hands-on cooking class your group will engage in an intense, two-hour session with our professional chef to create a gourmet meal.

Once you’re finished, you’ll enjoy your dishes in our dining area. Wine not included.

On-Site Team Building

Cookology staff of 10+, pack up our entire commercial kitchen and bring our fun mystery basket competition to you! Whether you’re holding a conference in a hotel, or you have a spacious conference room or an empty parking lot…yes we can teach cooking anywhere…we can come to you!

Thanks for making me look good!

"I wanted to thank you for putting up with all of my questions and changes in the weeks leading up to our event yesterday. Our team had a great time!  I received quite a few calls yesterday evening praising the Cookology experience. "

IBM Global Business Services – US Federal Team

Thank You Again

"We are getting RAVE REVIEWS on last night's event! They can't stop talking about it!! MANY thanks - you have been one of the best vendors I have ever worked with in my 17 years at Cisco!!"

T.J., Cisco