Wedding Receptions at Cookology in Ballston Quarter, Arlington, VA.

There is actually a place just outside of Washington, DC, surrounded by hotels and great bars, where you can enjoy an evening celebration with amazing food and cocktails, without overspending--Cookology at Ballston Quarter!

Our belief is that weddings are successful if you can accomplish two things: Great Food and a Dance Floor!

And what is important to the Bride & Groom? Great Photos and Videos to look back on, of course, and how much it will cost.

Having great food, free flowing cocktails, great wine and champagne, and wonderful photos with a beautiful venue as a backdrop will make your wedding complete.

Get away from the dark hotel conference room vibe, instead enjoy wall to wall windows, amazing city views, stunning blue floors and sparkling stainless steel, and chefs in full uniforms.

On The Menu

At this wedding, the bride, Caroline, is from Brazil so we wanted to make sure there were flavors that would spark fond memories of home, because her family could not attend because of Covid, as well as dishes she could share with her new family. And for the crowd pleasers, we felt like lobster and filet mignon are always the perfect dishes for a wedding.

Each menu we create is custom-made to satisfy your palate as well as create a memorable evening. We can customize dishes for those with food restrictions or allergies.

Stephen and Caroline’s Custom Menu

+ Petite fillet, Lomo saltado reduction, roasted onions, blistered tomatoes.

+ Grilled lobster tail, lemon butter, fresh parsley.

+ Chicken Seco stew, ají amarillo, cilantro-beer sauce.


+ Feijoada, Linguica, Smoked Pork, Bacon

+ Roasted Fingerlings

+ Arugula & Roasted Beet Salad

+ Steamed Garlic Rice

+ Farofa



+ Huancaína sauce+
+ Brazilian vinaigrette
+ Spicy ají sauce
+ Salsa criolla (lime pickled onions).

Caroline’s profession is home staging, so she knew exactly what she wanted, and made all of the table scapes, signs and decorated the hallway into the space.

We have several decorators that we can recommend, or you can DIY your event or work with a decorator of your own choosing.

What We Offer

At Cookology we charge for appetizers, full buffet, liquor, wine, beer and other alcohol, and the use of the space.

You can utilize the space for 5-7 hours for the event.

We do not decorate the space, but can help you find great decorators, especially ones we have worked with. We do not charge for the time to set up.

We do not offer a sit-down serving style dinner–unless servers are provided to us. We only provide buffet.

We do not offer wedding cakes.

We provide glasses, plates, utensils, chairs and tables for up to 70 guests, as part of the price.

Typical pricing is from $2,000 – $10,000 depending on menu per individual, beverage package, time space is rented, staffing for chefs and bartenders.

Max capacity is 10-70 people seated comfortably with a dance floor provided. Cocktail Party Dinner, which means standing and not seated dinner capacity maximum is 100 people.