Join the Cookology Small Business Incubator

We’re so excited to launch this affordable and flexible program to help you and your business continue to thrive and grow in the DMV.

Everything you need to get cooking

Small Business Incubator space available at our location in Sterling, Virginia or Arlington, VA.

  • Memberships are daily ($110), weekly ($750) or monthly ($2200) with additional daily storage fees for Refrigeration and Dry Storage. Fees includes cleaning fees.
  • We are not accepting businesses that use a commercial third party delivery service like Grubhub or Ubereats.
  • Sterling location is open from 6am – 9:30pm. Arlington is open 24 hours.

Applicant Criteria

  • Self-Employed & Incorporated – LLC, S Corp, C Corp
  • Serv-Safe Certified
  • Food Liability Insurance with Cookology listed as Additional Insured. 
  • Food Business License, including Arlington Business License or Loudoun Business License.
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Arlington or Loudoun Health Department Food Establishment Permit

Billing will be upfront and daily billing for daily customers, and weekly for weekly and monthly tenants.

Cost includes: 
Cost includes dishwasher/cleaning fees.  Optional costs for storage of food and equipment, and cost for refrigeration storage

Small Equipment: You will NOT be able to use any equipment, utensils, pans, hotel pans, mixers, vitamix blenders or any piece of equipment that belongs to Cookology or MCAI. You must bring in all of your own equipment.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Fees start at $250 per planning session, plus $110 per hour that will launch your business from marketing to financial planning.

To Schedule a Walk-Through of either locations, please email us.

Noshy Cookies

“Memorably scrumptious cookies, mindfully chosen ingredients.”

There’s something special about cookies. They’re self-contained, no-hassle treats that are both special and familiar. They are the best pick-me-up, the perfect companion, and great for any celebration from weddings to Wednesdays.

Since June of 2018 until she found a bakery of her own, Cookology had the pleasure of being the temporary home of Julie Strange’s Noshy Cookies! While here, she worked closely with our Cookology family to bake her mouth-watering cookies for local farmer’s markets in the Northern Virginia area. Check out the pictures of Julie, Leigh, and their cookies below!