Use Cookology to promote your business — this is the most affordable and effective marketing conversion you will ever experience. For a $200 per person, you could land a client who spends tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Face to face networking and creating personal relationships are still the fastest way to gain trust and get a sale. Flashy ads in print media have been failing everyone for years. Social media is just not as effective as it used to be for certain age groups and industries.

Invite customers to a hands-on cooking class. Whether you’re looking for those who are renting and ready to buy, or empty nesters, or perhaps you want to sell big ticketed items: boats, art, high end furnishings, and want to create or reward a group of clients.

Whomever your audience, their experience at Cookology consists of a welcome beverages with appetizers, then a full-meal hands-on cooking class with you and others. You have multiple opportunities to personally interact with your guests during the class.  Once they sit to enjoy their meal you can begin your pitch.

Per Person Fee Includes:

  1. Cooking Class: We have been open since 2009 and have taught thousands in NoVa how to cook with professional chefs, in a commercial kitchen. Students take a 90 minute hands-on cooking class with top notch ingredients.
  2. Marketing: Our newsletter has 40K opt in followers after collecting email addresses in our store and on our website for 14 years. Our open rates are unlike any in the industry—on avg 46% open rate. In order for you to get as many attendees as possible we will add your ad to our newsletter for free for 6 consecutive newsletters.
  3. Social Media: We will post to our socials multiple times and suggest a boost posting from our site–the boost post fee is not included.

How to get more attendees:

Partnering with Your Vendors: Partnering with other vendors in your industry is key for sponsorships that will pay for any and all expenses. It promotes their businesses

Vetting Participants: Your job is to vet the sign-ups for the event. It’s fine that they’re purchasing a cheap class but if they don’t convert to a sale it.

This works for the following:

Audience:  Wealth advisors, art galleries, mortgage lenders, realtors, brokers, commercial lenders, insurance salesmen, title companies, multilevel marketing companies.

Case study:

It’s not the season for mortgage lenders or realtors. Our friend Anthony had just lost his job but hopped into another position with a better funded lender. His friend and Cookology owner suggested the following:

Maria: “Bring in clients, we can teach a hands on cooking class, once they eat you have 30 solid minutes to talk to them about…”

Anthony: “I can discuss all the different mortgage products out there and how to navigate this market when buying a new home.”

Maria: “It can’t be free. People will not show up if they aren’t financially invested, even a little in it.”

Agreed price is $200pp —the lender will charge the customer $35 and pay Cookology the other $165 through company marketing funds and outside sponsorships, relying on Cookology’s digital marketing. The mortgage lender agrees to hold several of these events per year. Minimum attendance to hold the event is 10 participants.

Reach out to Maria for more information.