Join the Cookology Kitchen Rental Program!

Thank you for considering to partner with Cookology in our new Kitchen Rental Program! We’re so excited to launch this affordable and flexible program to help you and your business continue to thrive and grow in the Northern Virginia area!

Everything you need to get cooking

Kitchen Rental:

Trying to make your dream of becoming a culinary professional a reality, without breaking the bank? Let Cookology’s Kitchen Rental Program help!

Here’s how it works: You’ll use Cookology’s state of the art facilities and professional grade equipment to prepare and store your amazing products in the quantities you need to expand and grow your business!

Rent for 30 Hours per week: $480
Storage/Refrigeration/Freezer: TBD


Available at both Cookology locations in Dulles Town Center and Ballston Quarter!


Incubator and Business Development

Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to launch your food business in the Northern Virginia area but don’t have the space in your kitchen, or a way to showcase your product? 

Our incubator program is more than just renting a clean kitchen! It’s about having access to resources and advice from the owner and staff that have built Cookology and their careers from the ground up. You’ll have the option of invaluable insight into how you can make your product or service successful.

Consulting Fees with Maria Kopsidas start at $250 per planning session, and will cover topics from how to get your business started to marketing to financial planning and management costs. 

To schedule a free one time consultation, contact Maria Kopsidas. Visit her Linkedin Profile.

Noshy Cookies

“Memorably scrumptious cookies, mindfully chosen ingredients.”

There’s something special about cookies. They’re self-contained, no-hassle treats that are both special and familiar. They are the best pick-me-up, the perfect companion, and great for any celebration from weddings to Wednesdays.

Since June of 2018 until she found a bakery of her own, Cookology had the pleasure of being the temporary home of Julie Strange’s Noshy Cookies! While here, she worked closely with our Cookology family to bake her mouth-watering cookies for local farmer’s markets in the Northern Virginia area. Check out the pictures of Julie, Leigh, and their cookies below!