Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

From the Fortune #1 company, Asurion to Lockheed Martin, our customers are the best and the brightest corporations around the world–and they keep coming back!

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Cookology has one of the best team building concepts around. It’s not just a cooking class, it’s 90 competitive minutes in the kitchen whipping up the best meal of your life! The stakes are high: the recipe has to be interesting and creative, the final dish not only has to taste good but it has to be plated in a way that is pleasing to the eye, flavors must not contradict, food must not touch…ok that’s a joke.

Teams only have 60-90 minutes to decide, act, team up, communicate, plate and present. This is not unlike your office where once a project decision is made you must set in motion a plan of action, then create the team to conquer each task, while building, balancing and effectively communicating. As the deadline looms, your team must put its best work forward and present confidently.

Now do this with food, in a kitchen you’ve never cooked in before,where the utensils, produce, spices and accoutrements are scattered about–with other colleagues competing against you. It’s controlled chaos. It’s tough. It’s pandemonium. There are knives involved.

Our seasoned front-of-house employees are your judges and they never call a draw. Someone always wins. As a bonus, wine is paired by the chef instructor who guided you to make this delicious meal.

We’ve made a list for you of a smattering of companies that joined us, along with their Fortune 300 ranking, we like to brag. Now, ask yourself why these successful, world-wide companies keep coming back to this little cooking school in Sterling, Virginia?

-Maria Kopsidas
Cookology, Culinary School


What we offer:                                          Where

Teams 5 – 60 person teams                    Cookology, Dulles Town Center Mall
Large Teams – 60+ person team            Off-Site at many locations in DC, MD & VA
Salsa & Sangria                                       Your Location (Office, Hotel Conference Room)


Our Fortune 300 Guests, by Fortune Magazine ranking:

1. Exxon Mobil
8. Fannie Mae
10. Hewlett Packard
19. IBM
25. Freddie Mac
26. Wells Fargo
37. Microsoft
58. Lockheed Martin
64. Cisco Systems
82. Oracle
103. Time Warner Cable
110. Macy’s
148. Capital One
242. Nordstrom
245. SAIC
248. Ameriprise
267. BB & T
281. Visa

KUDOS from #19 IBM:

Hi Kristen,

I wanted to thank you for putting up with all of my questions and changes in the weeks leading up to our event yesterday. Our team had a great time! Although, I did not attend, I received quite a few calls yesterday evening praising the Cookology experience. Thanks for making me look good!


Tim M.
IBM Global Business Services – US Federal Team

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