September Healthy Recipes Contest

September’s focus is on cooking and eating healthfully with your family–show us how you eat healthy at home by entering our healthy recipe contest!

We want to know how you cook healthy at home while still enjoying your favorite dishes. To enter, send us a recipe for your favorite dish with a healthy makeover.

Here’s a few guidelines:

· Recipes should include at least one fruit or vegetable (fruit and veggie juices and purees count!)

· Stay away from the artificial sweetners (Stevia is okay, but we’d love to see how you use honey and agave or brown rice syrups in your dishes)

· Show off your healthy cooking techniques like steaming, broiling, baking, and poaching

The rest is up to you and your creativity!

Submissions are due by September 30. KIDS can enter too! We’ll pick one winner from the adult and kids/teens (up to age 15) category.

The young chef winner will receive a $50 gift certificate and the adult winner will receive a $100 gift certificate good towards any cooking class we offer.

Post your submissions here or on our Facebook page, or e-mail them to us. Happy (healthy) cooking!


Psst… if your kids want a few tips on how to cook healthy dishes at home, sign them up for this Sunday’s healthy cooking class with Chef Katie!


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